Making It Easy For Employers To Host School Based Trainees & Support Their Local Community

This week Micah Huts from Willetton SHS completed his School Based Traineeship in Horticulture, hosted by the Melville Glades Golf Club.  Micah worked with the Greens team 2 days a week for 12 months across year 11 and 12, and completed a Certificate II in Horticulture supported totally on the job with monthly visits from Rural Training Australia as the RTO.

Work Smart acts as the legal employer for the school based trainee and manages every facet of the traineeship including but not limited to finding host employers; interviewing SBT candidates, training contract signup; RTO registration and management; monitoring of qualification progress; site visits; pay administration; workers compensation; behaviour management and mentoring.

School based Traineeships can be difficult for small business to manage directly because so many stakeholders are involved (school, student, parents, RTO, AASN and employer) and there are so many things to know about around managing training contracts and the award pay and conditions involved.  As a Group Training Organisation, managing apprentices and trainees is our core business, leaving small businesses to act as host employers and focus on their core business.  As a not for profit organisation we exist only to create opportunities for young people in the community and to increase trainee and apprentice completion rates which are statistically at their lowest when small businesses attempt to direct hire.

Micah is pictured being congratulated by Dane McBride (Melville Glades Golf Club Course Superintendent).

If you have a small business and would like to support your local community by providing industry learning opportunities for school based trainees then contact Work Smart for advice on how we can help.