Information for Employers


Using our expertise allows you more time to focus on your business doing the things that you do best and make you money. We familiarise ourselves with your business and take a full job specification to ensure we’re fully equipped to source the best people for your available position.

Apart from searching our extensive network and comprehensive data base, we’ll prepare and place advertisements in the appropriate media. Client anonymity is assured, if required.

All applicants are screened against the job specifications and a short list is prepared before we conduct face to face interviews. Reference checks are made prior to presenting the final candidates for you to select from. We give you a replacement guarantee period with each successful placement.

“Allows you more time to focus on your business”


Labour Hire

We take responsibility for directly employing the worker with the most appropriate skills to solve your immediate workforce needs. You control the worker’s daily duties.

We treat all of our temporary and casual staff as valued employees and as a result we have a team of loyal and committed workers to choose from, giving you the benefit of a better performing workforce.

Because we’re the employer and you’re the ‘host’ the only paperwork you see is a timesheet and an invoice, taking away the many hours you would normally spend calculating and paying wages, superannuation contributions, workers compensation, public liability insurance, PAYE taxes and preparing Group Certificates.

You only pay for the hours worked by authorising the employee prepared time sheets, then we pay the employee direct to their bank account. We keep in touch and seek feedback to maximise our ability to provide you with the best possible service.

“Giving you a better performing workforce”


Group Training - How Does it Work?

Group Training companies employ the apprentice or trainee for you, alleviating all the hassles of paperwork, payroll and long term contracts whilst providing comprehensive backup assistance to you the employer and your apprentice or trainee.

How Group Training Can Work For You:

  • We employ the apprentices and trainees and manage their training for you.
  • We take care of all the paperwork connected with training contracts, wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensation, sick/holiday pay etc.
  • We invoice you fortnightly for the wages and on-costs.
  • We can advertise, interview, screen and shortlist applicants for you. You can make the final selection.
  • We monitor and support the placement throughout the period of employment to make sure everything goes smoothly.

The benefits of using Group Training are clear:

  • All the advantages of carefully selecting your apprentices and trainees without the worries of long-term contracts.
  • Recruitment assistance when required.
  • Regular invoicing system covering all hiring costs.
  • Eliminating the burden of paperwork and payroll.

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Australian Apprenticeship Support Network - FREE Service

AASN – Australian Apprenticeship Support Network –      A Free Service:

The Commonwealth Government issues contracts for organisations to operate as part of an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network. AASN business development officers provide a free service which includes:

  •      Providing information on all apprenticeships and traineeships
  •     Providing information on training packages and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
  •     Helping to complete and lodge training contracts
  •     Facilitating employer incentives and apprentice/trainee allowances

ATC Work Smart can coordinate AASN services for you and therefore we are able to offer a single point of contact to make the whole process of taking on an apprentice or trainee an easy experience.