School Based Trainees Awarded for Results

Our Bunbury based Business Development Officer, Tracie Yardley spends time with Newton More Girls Academy students, Keeana, Lauryn and Jasmine discussing their Certificate II Business traineeship.

Tracie is so pleased to be associated with a growing group of young Indigenous School Based Trainees that are taking control of their own future. They are all employed by us at Work Smart and are gaining a variety of Certificate II qualifications which includes working one day of their school week at a host employer.

It was with great pride during the last Girls Academy award night that 2 of these students accepted special awards. These students are held in high regard by their supervisors and other staff within their work places. Well done girls!

This is proof that these students are taking their school work and their traineeship seriously and that the future is very bright for them.

Tracie is often asked why promote School Based Traineeships, why not just get the students to do un-paid work experience. Tracie believes by paying the trainees for the work they do, the workplace is more inclined to give them meaningful tasks which make them more committed to the job resulting in them being more productive for the business.

These students will be a step ahead of the competition for jobs and the qualification they gain could be used for entry into tertiary studies if that’s a path they choose.

Aboriginal School Based Traineeships with WA Country Health Bunbury

We are celebrating as two Year 11 Girls Academy students signed up with ATC Work Smart for an 18 month School Based Traineeship placement with WA Country Health Service.

Whilst working at WA Country Health Service Keeana Bennell and Lauryn Loo will be completing Certificate 2 in Business.

The girls secured their Aboriginal School Based Traineeship after being interviewed and completing a 5 week work experience placements week.

After a lot of hard work the Work Place Transition team from Newton More Senior High School, Steve Dix ATC Work Smart, WA Country Health and Michelle from the Girls Academy the girls signed off on the paper work supported by their Parents

The Girls Academy thanked ATC Work Smart and WA Country Health for giving Lauryn and Keeana this wonderful opportunity.


Get paid while you learn

ATC Work Smart is an industry leader in developing school based traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities in the Great Southern.

ATC Work Smart Field Officer Geoff Tite said, “School-based traineeships and apprenticeships are a great way for secondary students to prepare themselves for a career. Students studying towards their WA Certificate of Education can obtain paid work 1 or 2 days per week and gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications.”

One of the positives of this initiative is students in year 11 or 12 can engage in an apprenticeship or traineeship that can be a seamless transition to employment once their WACE is completed. From an employer perspective they can readily identify good candidates and involve them in their business in a formal training program at an early stage.

Mr. Tite said, “Employing a school based trainee is a great way for employers to help solve skill shortage issues and that investing in staff through training can be critical to their business success.”

There are financial incentives for employers who take on an ATC Work Smart school based trainee, with the added bonus of the trainee not having to pay any TAFE fees for the period they are school based.

Geoff & Emma Skipping SBT

NASHS School based trainee Emma Skippings shows ATC’s Geoff Tite the range of giftware available at Hot House Flowers where she is completing a Certificate II in Floristry.