Apprenticeship Recommencement for Sheldon Smith

Meet Sheldon Smith. Sheldon originally commenced his apprenticeship as an Electrician in Perth. After completing 3 years of his apprenticeship, Sheldon had to return to his family farm in Katanning due to personal reasons. This left Sheldon’s apprenticeship incomplete.

Sheldon approached South Regional TAFE’s Electrical Lecturer, Gary Christiansen, seeking his assistance to recommence his apprenticeship. Gary advised ATC Work Smart of Sheldon’s situation and ATC Work Smart were able to facilitate with Matt Levitzke, owner of Dhu South Electrical, and get Sheldon back to completing his apprenticeship.

Sheldon is anticipating completing his apprenticeship in 12 months. This is the first time Matt Levitzke from Dhu South Electrical has hosted an apprentice. Matt said he is impressed with Sheldon and that he is progressing well.

Darby Believes in Training

At ATC Work Smart we provide opportunities for young Australians to achieve long term, sustainable employment, through targeted Training and Employment.

Darby Bohning is a very active and self-motivated Indigenous young person who in 2007 won an Indigenous Young Achiever award. Darby had completed a Safety at Work White Card, First Aid Certificate and undertaken a work placement in refrigeration and air-conditioning while at school before recently approaching ATC Work Smart looking for the opportunity to take up full time training. Darby listed a number of areas that he was most interested in and after consultation with host employers we were able to place him in a roof plumbing apprenticeship with Nathan Lewis Roofing..

Darby wants to encourage more Indigenous people to take up training opportunities to advance their career prospects and he believes apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to gain training while earning an income and open doors for better job opportunities once the training is completed.

Darby has regular on-the-job mentoring visits from his ATC Work Smart employment officer as well as discussions and progress reports from his TAFE lecturer. His host employer, Nathan Lewis, is committed to ensuring Darby continues to be supported in the workplace and is currently paying Darby an above award rate which is a testament to the commitment shown by his host employer and to the good work ethic and progress Darby is achieving.

Holiday Season Trading Hours

Christmas and New Years trading hours at ATC Work Smart are as follows:

  • Monday 26th December – CLOSED (Public Holiday)
  • Tuesday 27th December – CLOSED (Public Holiday)
  • Wednesday 28th December – 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday  29th December –  8:00am – 5:00pm
  • Friday 30th December –  8:00am – 4:00pm
  • Saturday 31st December  – CLOSED
  • Sunday 1st January 2017 – CLOSED 
  • Monday 2nd January 2017 – CLOSED (Public Holiday)

Happy Holidays from everyone at ATC Work Smart. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year.


Meredith, Peter and Lizzie standing with the ATC Work Smart Christmas Tree

Work Place Learner – Sophie Guy


Meet our recent Work Place Learner, Sophie Guy. Sophie is currently completing year 12 at Great Southern Grammar School. A part of her Certificate II in Business required Sophie to complete a set amount of hours in a business environment.

Commencing her placement at ATC Work Smart in May 2016, Sophie’s main role was working in reception. She also assisted in other areas around the office. Sophie was enthusiastic and keen to learn the way our office ran on a daily basis and excelled in the role. She completed the required hours at ATC Work Smart in September 2016.

It was a pleasure to have Sophie as a Workplace Learner and the team here at ATC Work Smart wish Sophie every success for the future.


Comment from Sophie:

I am currently completing my Certificate II in Business during my final year at Great Southern Grammar. This required me to work a total of 110 hours in a business setting which I did at ATC Work Smart.sophie-guy-at-computer

During my time at ATC I was shown the ropes of the business itself, this included things such as how to file, archive, answer phones and respond to people’s enquiries, data entry on the computer, as well as many other admin tasks.

I very much enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the confidence and knowledge ATC have given me within my field of study.

I am also thankful I got to work with a fun but professional team who all had something to teach me. Thank you ATC for having me as your Workplace Learner!

Go Team!

Manypeaks yr 3-4 mixed hockey team

ATC Work Smart is proud to sponsor junior sport in our community. We believe being part of a team helps to develop young people in ways that will benefit them and the community. Some of the benefits   include; cooperation, respect, self-esteem and discipline, leadership, appreciation of others, goal setting and resilience through sharing positive and negative experiences.

One of the teams that we support are the Manypeaks Year 3/4 mixed hockey team (mini-peaks) who are currently 5th on the ladder with 3 wins, 4 losses and a draw. Games have been played in both Albany and Mt Barker on Saturday mornings. The team is a mix of players that have played before and some playing their first season of organised hockey.

Parent Coach Daniel Baker said “It has been a pleasure to see the more experienced Year 4 players helping their young team mates and a comradery has developed within the group.”

Aboriginal School Based Traineeships with WA Country Health Bunbury

We are celebrating as two Year 11 Girls Academy students signed up with ATC Work Smart for an 18 month School Based Traineeship placement with WA Country Health Service.

Whilst working at WA Country Health Service Keeana Bennell and Lauryn Loo will be completing Certificate 2 in Business.

The girls secured their Aboriginal School Based Traineeship after being interviewed and completing a 5 week work experience placements week.

After a lot of hard work the Work Place Transition team from Newton More Senior High School, Steve Dix ATC Work Smart, WA Country Health and Michelle from the Girls Academy the girls signed off on the paper work supported by their Parents

The Girls Academy thanked ATC Work Smart and WA Country Health for giving Lauryn and Keeana this wonderful opportunity.


Get paid while you learn

ATC Work Smart is an industry leader in developing school based traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities in the Great Southern.

ATC Work Smart Field Officer Geoff Tite said, “School-based traineeships and apprenticeships are a great way for secondary students to prepare themselves for a career. Students studying towards their WA Certificate of Education can obtain paid work 1 or 2 days per week and gain nationally recognised skills and qualifications.”

One of the positives of this initiative is students in year 11 or 12 can engage in an apprenticeship or traineeship that can be a seamless transition to employment once their WACE is completed. From an employer perspective they can readily identify good candidates and involve them in their business in a formal training program at an early stage.

Mr. Tite said, “Employing a school based trainee is a great way for employers to help solve skill shortage issues and that investing in staff through training can be critical to their business success.”

There are financial incentives for employers who take on an ATC Work Smart school based trainee, with the added bonus of the trainee not having to pay any TAFE fees for the period they are school based.

Geoff & Emma Skipping SBT

NASHS School based trainee Emma Skippings shows ATC’s Geoff Tite the range of giftware available at Hot House Flowers where she is completing a Certificate II in Floristry.

The Current Australian Apprenticeship System is Not Working

16 November 2015 MEDIA RELEASE

The Current Australian Apprenticeship System is Not Working

Australia is currently seeing a decline in the number of apprenticeships commencing combined with the number being completed. If we don’t want to be facing a serious major trade skills decline affecting every industry in the next five years – something needs to be done now.

Two West Australian group training companies, ATC Midwest and ATC Work Smart Albany have created a system to achieve quality outcomes to ensure higher completion rates for all Australian apprentices and trainees.

Dave Clare, General Manager of ATC Midwest and one of the creators of the model, is calling on the government and industries to support this solution. “We believe the biggest factor for non-completion is the lack of a suitable quality outcome model and accountability to such,” said Mr Clare.

“The Australian Government has clearly stated they want more completions for their investment but they haven’t given anyone a road map on how to get there.

“We’ve used our 25 years’ experience in training and recruitment to create this quality outcome model which we know is successful but also can be used as a clear guideline for anyone employing an apprentice” states Peter Adams, General Manager of ATC Work Smart Albany, co-creator of the model.

“Approximately 80% of apprenticeships in Australia are not audited, they aren’t following a clear model and therefore we can’t be guaranteed these employers are doing everything they are meant to be doing for their apprentices.

“The remaining 20% are employed by group training companies who are audited regularly with clear outcomes to commit to.

Mr Clare added “Everyone needs to be working off the same guide to ensure the best outcomes for apprentices, employers and Australia,”

“We want the government to use this model as their guide and to hold to account anyone who is hiring apprentices – whether they do that directly or through a group training company.

Peter Adams, General Manager, ATC Work Smart

Attachments: “Creating a Quality Outcome Training Model to Achieve Better Results for Apprentices in Australia” White Paper

Creating a Quality Outcome Training Model