Jordan is “Switched On”

Meet recently qualified Electrician, Jordan Oldfield. Jordan completed his 4 year Electrical Apprenticeship with host employer, Mount Barker Electrics.

Jordan received 100% on his capstone assessment! Well done from all the team at ATC Work Smart Jordan.

If you are seeking an Apprenticeship, please call ATC Work Smart and book an appointment to meet with our Employment & Training Officers (08)6819 5300

Apprenticeship Recommencement for Sheldon Smith

Meet Sheldon Smith. Sheldon originally commenced his apprenticeship as an Electrician in Perth. After completing 3 years of his apprenticeship, Sheldon had to return to his family farm in Katanning due to personal reasons. This left Sheldon’s apprenticeship incomplete.

Sheldon approached South Regional TAFE’s Electrical Lecturer, Gary Christiansen, seeking his assistance to recommence his apprenticeship. Gary advised ATC Work Smart of Sheldon’s situation and ATC Work Smart were able to facilitate with Matt Levitzke, owner of Dhu South Electrical, and get Sheldon back to completing his apprenticeship.

Sheldon is anticipating completing his apprenticeship in 12 months. This is the first time Matt Levitzke from Dhu South Electrical has hosted an apprentice. Matt said he is impressed with Sheldon and that he is progressing well.

Darby Believes in Training

At ATC Work Smart we provide opportunities for young Australians to achieve long term, sustainable employment, through targeted Training and Employment.

Darby Bohning is a very active and self-motivated Indigenous young person who in 2007 won an Indigenous Young Achiever award. Darby had completed a Safety at Work White Card, First Aid Certificate and undertaken a work placement in refrigeration and air-conditioning while at school before recently approaching ATC Work Smart looking for the opportunity to take up full time training. Darby listed a number of areas that he was most interested in and after consultation with host employers we were able to place him in a roof plumbing apprenticeship with Nathan Lewis Roofing..

Darby wants to encourage more Indigenous people to take up training opportunities to advance their career prospects and he believes apprenticeships and traineeships are a great way to gain training while earning an income and open doors for better job opportunities once the training is completed.

Darby has regular on-the-job mentoring visits from his ATC Work Smart employment officer as well as discussions and progress reports from his TAFE lecturer. His host employer, Nathan Lewis, is committed to ensuring Darby continues to be supported in the workplace and is currently paying Darby an above award rate which is a testament to the commitment shown by his host employer and to the good work ethic and progress Darby is achieving.

ATC Work Smart Apprentices & Trainees Pay Periods

All Apprentices and Trainees timesheets must received by ATC Work Smart every fortnight on a Monday. Timesheets must be signed by your supervisor before we can pay you. If your timesheet is late we may not be able to process your pay until the following fortnight.

Please send or deliver timesheets to ATC Work Smart:
Fax: (08)9842 1001
Email: or
In person: ATC Work Smart, 5 Barker Road, Albany WA
(if office closed please place timesheet in the stainless steel box by the entrance).

We must have a timesheet for all pay periods, even if you are on annual leave, sick leave/workers comp, leave without pay or any other type leave. If you are taking leave, an Application for Leave form must also filled in, signed by your supervisor and sent in along with your timesheet (if taking sick leave for more than 2 consecutive days a doctors certificate is required).

Please download the link below.
Fortnightly Pay Period dates and Timesheet due by dates.
Keep a copy in with your timesheet book for future reference.
Pay Periods 18.06.17 – 10.02.18 click link to download