Bryonie Stokes – NAIDOC Young Person of the Year!

ATC Work Smart is proud to acknowledge that Bryonie Stokes was named the 2019 NAIDOC Young Person of the Year Award by Southern Aboriginal Corporation at a ceremony held in their Kelly St building on Monday 8th July 2019.

Bryonie, a Yr 12 student from Albany Senior High School, commenced her School Based Traineeship in July 2018 after expressing to her VET and Follow the Dream Coordinators that she had an interest in working in the health services industry. With the assistance of Janice Ford and Stuart Myers, Bryonie met with Siobhain from ATC Work Smart who was able to secure her an SBT with Hawthorne House where she is in paid employment one day a week whilst also completing a Certificate III Individual Support. Throughout the last 14 months under the guidance and supervision of staff from Hawthorne House, along with ongoing mentorship and support from ATC Work Smart, Bryonie has been providing ongoing care to Dementia sufferers in the Albany community. Her commitment to her traineeship has seen her work tirelessly during study periods at ASHS completing course work, as well as attending after school tutoring through the Follow the Dream program.  In addition to this Bryonie has sacrificed school holidays in order to work full time hours with Hawthorne House to ensure she successfully completes her traineeship in time for school graduation in September.

ATC Work Smart would like to offer their congratulations to Bryonie who is making considerable progress in achieving her Certificate III Individual Support qualification which she then hopes to use as an entry into nursing in the future. WAY TO GO!!

Max’s Successful Completion!

ATC Worksmart would like to congratulate Max Barrett who has successfully completed his Cert II in Horticulture hosted at the Shire of Broomehill Tambellup. Max has demonstrated the importance of completing his on and off the job training in order to achieve a qualification that will allow him to build a positive and prosperous future. Well done Max!

ATC Worksmart would like to recognise the contribution of the Shire of Broomehill Tambellup for their dedication and commitment to the ongoing training of Apprentices and Trainees within the Great Southern Region. The Shire have invested their time and expertise to train young people in Business, Horticulture and Heavy Duty Mechanical Technology which has led to the successful completion of qualifications by trainees and apprentices in the local area.

Thank-you to all the staff at the Shire of Broomehill Tambellup.

David Crosby and Max Barrett

Opportunity knocks for these young people.

Put your resume together, prepare for an interview, work hard at your work placement and Wow! you’ve achieved a School-Based Traineeship (SBT)in an area which potentially could lead to your ideal career. These 18 Mount Barker Community College students, and another 5 in the pipeline, have now started their upper school program with a traineeship. This is effectively a part-time job, which involves on the job training and gaining an additional qualification, whilst doing their normal school subjects.

Schools have changed! Flexible innovative programs, strong connections with local employers, effective partnerships with training organisations and supportive parents, are all necessary elements. The outcome is: Young people engaged in their learning, developing valuable knowledge, skills and workplace connections, all whilst growing in confidence.

Let’s look at some of these students individually. Laila Pearce, Holly Pearce and Georgia Harding wish to follow an education career path. Working alongside teachers in the Kindy and Pre-primary classrooms while undertaking a Certificate III Education Support they are going to develop very useful skills. Jamie Lawn our Head Boy is doing a SBT at the Gillami Environment Centre in Cranbrook, in preparation for his dream career as a park ranger. He could potentially have some competition however from Isabella Dew who has recently joined the Department of Biodiversity in Albany and is keen on a similar career. Isabella works at the Department’s office every Thursday and is completing a Certificate III in Business; her Supervisor Jody Browne coordinates her daily tasks and ensures she gets to experience a range of skills in the office with an emphasis on environmental management.

As you can imagine, to ensure that all goes smoothly with the SBTs, there is quite a bit of activity behind the scenes. Mount Barker Community College works closely with ATC Work Smart, a Group Training Company which provides considerable support for the students and the employers. They assist in sourcing host employers, consult with the college on what is the most appropriate qualification and provide mentoring and support to the trainee. In addition to this, ATC Work Smart take on the legal responsibilities of managing payroll and workers compensation insurance and also provide valuable financial incentives to the host employers when the student completes the qualification.

School-Based Traineeships are available in a wide range of industry areas including but not limited to: Building, Automotive, Engineering, Agriculture, Sport and Recreation, Retail and Business. At Mount Barker Community College our students are engaged in a total of 10 additional qualifications that we don’t provide in our normal program. No wonder we support School-Based Traineeships.

Tainui’s Dedication Results in Success

All of the staff at ATC Work Smart, Great Southern Toyota and Katanning Senior High School would like to congratulate Tainui Andrews for successfully completing your Light Mechanical School Based Apprenticeship. A huge thanks to Steve Sloan at Great Southern Toyota and Alicia Turner at Katanning Senior High School for your ongoing support.

Tainui’s dedication to his trade has been outstanding and has resulted in him being offered a full time apprenticeship.

School Based Traineeships are a great opportunity for students to graduate Year 12 with a Certificate II or III Qualification and participate in the workforce to gain experience and add value to businesses.

If your business would like to invest in training young people and add value to the local community please contact ATC Work Smart for more information.


Trainee Of The Year – Katanning Senior High School

All of the Staff at ATC Work Smart would like to Congratulate Cooper Ward for his outstanding Achievement of Trainee of the Year at Katanning Senior High School upon completing his Traineeship in Panel Beating at Katanning Panel Beating.

ATC Work Smart field officer David Crosby congratulates Cooper on his achievements.

Well done Cooper we wish you all the best in the future and a huge thanks to Cameron and Kylie at Katanning Panel Beating, Alicia Turner at Katanning Senior High School and the Katanning CRC Hub.

School Based Traineeships are great opportunity for students to graduate Year 12 with a Certificate II or III Qualification and participate in the workforce to add value to businesses.

If your business would like to invest in training young people and add value to the local community please contact ATC Work Smart for more information.

December Trading Hours


Please find our December 2018 trading times, please take into consideration that pay times and time sheet due dates may be affected by these closures.

ATC Work Smart wishes everyone a safe holiday and happy new year.


Stephanee Gets Clobbered

Newton Moore SHS student Stephanee O’Neill and ATC Work Smart’s Business Development Officer Tracie Yardley are excited about Stephanee commencing her SBT Cert III in Retail with host employer Work Clobber Bunbury.

ATC Work Smart would again like to thank owner Liz McNaughton for commencing another SBT in her business. Liz see’s it as a way to encourage young people into the work force by enabling them to work 1 day a week but still attend school.

ATC Work Smart will be supporting both Stephanee and Work Clobber for the next 18 months of the SBT journey.

Ryan Doubles His Skills

Manjimup high School student Ryan Edwards has just completed his second School Based Traineeship with his host employer PH Rural in Manjimup.

Ryan completed a Certificate II in Retail during 2017 then commenced a Cert III in Retail in September 2017 which he completed in September this year.

Host employer Debbie Sanders from PH Rural said that Ryan was such an important part of her team. His work day on Friday’s as a school based trainee was invaluable to her organisation. She encouraged Ryan to also work on Saturday’s some of the time. Ryan enjoyed his work placement so much that when he completed his Cert II in Retail he was very keen to go on and complete a Cert III in Retail. Work Smart’s Business Development and training officer Tracie Yardley was there to help and support both Debbie the host employer and Ryan through both school based traineeships.

Vocational Training Services Business Development officer Ryan Piggott assisted Ryan with his training throughout both traineeships.

Now that Ryan has graduated year 12 Debbie has offered him a full time job at PH Rural. This is a great outcome for Ryan, Debbie and the Manjimup region.

Making It Easy For Employers To Host School Based Trainees & Support Their Local Community

This week Micah Huts from Willetton SHS completed his School Based Traineeship in Horticulture, hosted by the Melville Glades Golf Club.  Micah worked with the Greens team 2 days a week for 12 months across year 11 and 12, and completed a Certificate II in Horticulture supported totally on the job with monthly visits from Rural Training Australia as the RTO.

Work Smart acts as the legal employer for the school based trainee and manages every facet of the traineeship including but not limited to finding host employers; interviewing SBT candidates, training contract signup; RTO registration and management; monitoring of qualification progress; site visits; pay administration; workers compensation; behaviour management and mentoring.

School based Traineeships can be difficult for small business to manage directly because so many stakeholders are involved (school, student, parents, RTO, AASN and employer) and there are so many things to know about around managing training contracts and the award pay and conditions involved.  As a Group Training Organisation, managing apprentices and trainees is our core business, leaving small businesses to act as host employers and focus on their core business.  As a not for profit organisation we exist only to create opportunities for young people in the community and to increase trainee and apprentice completion rates which are statistically at their lowest when small businesses attempt to direct hire.

Micah is pictured being congratulated by Dane McBride (Melville Glades Golf Club Course Superintendent).

If you have a small business and would like to support your local community by providing industry learning opportunities for school based trainees then contact Work Smart for advice on how we can help.

Chris’s School Based Training Success

Bunbury Catholic College student Chris Samuels has just completed his certificate II in Retail with host employer Work Clobber.

Liz McNaughton has now host employed and completed 2 school based trainee’s in retail and is very supportive of the school based traineeship model.

Chris, Tracie (ATC Work Smart) & Liz McNaughton

Chris has enjoyed his time at Work Clobber and is still going to work casually for them as well as pursuing other work.

Vocational Training Services worked with Chris to complete the units of competency he needed to complete his Cert II Retail qualification.

ATC Work Smart are very encouraged by the effort Chris put in to complete his certificate. Tracie from ATC Work Smart conducted site visits over the last 12 months to support and mentor Chris along his training journey.