A Winning Combination


Work Smart are proud to be associated with a local employer in the Pemberton Region. Jeremy Forrest owns award winning, ‘The Crossings Bakery’ in Pemberton WA. Jeremy understands the needs of the local community and youth, over the last 2 years Jeremy has “host employed” our Work Smart trainee Ethan North.

Ethan is a local Pemberton student that has a passion for hospitality. Ethan under Jeremy’s guidance, has

successfully completed 2 school based traineeships in Cert II and Cert III in Hospitality. Ethan now has time to finish year 12 and is thinking of doing a Cert IV in Business Management next year.

Work Smart are so grateful for local businesses to support our school based trainees. I want to personally thank Jeremy,  for his commitment to growing school based traineeships in the Pemberton region.


Ethan North
Jeremy Forrest